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As you know, the United States constitution guarantees everybody a fair trial, and assumes all accused persons innocent until proven guilty. If you are facing criminal charges, you need a criminal defense lawyer. Gerald Klein is one of the best and brightest criminal defense attorneys—a professional that has proven his intimate knowledge of criminal law.

Our criminal defense offices handle:

  • DUI
  • Drug Defense
  • Sex Crimes Defense
  • Theft and Robberies
  • Homicide Defense
  • Other Violent Crimes Defense

When you hire an experienced defense lawyer like Gerald Klein, you can feel secure that you are hiring a criminal lawyer who will use all the precedents and legal statutes available to argue on your behalf. Of course, there are criminal defendants who choose to defend themselves, we know that if you want results, you need criminal defense attorneys—you need an experienced criminal law attorney—to handle every detail of your case. Call Gerald Klein right away to speak with a criminal defense lawyer.


| Criminal Defense

For over 30 years, I have been handling criminal cases in the Hartford / Manchester / New Britain area. On a weekly basis, I handle everything from Murder trials to simple misdemeanors. I have gone to jury trial in approximately 150 felony cases over my career. While most criminal cases do not actually result in a jury trial, common sense dictates that you need a criminal lawyer who knows how to try a case if “push comes to shove”. Many of the lawyers who advertise their low fees are reluctant to face a jury when it is required. I cannot guarantee any certain result in a criminal case, but I can guarantee you that I will work hard for you. My years of success, both at plea-bargaining and jury trials, is a factor that you should consider in choosing a criminal attorney to represent you.

| Personal Injury

For my entire legal career, I have handled personal injury cases that have resulted in millions of dollars in recovery for clients. Most of these claims involve automobile accidents, but you can also contact me on falldowns, Worker’s Compensation claims, boating accidents or professional malpractice. While most of these claims I may handle myself, I can also refer you to other attorneys on a case that requires specialized skills.

| Legal Fees

In criminal cases, a lawyer charges by the seriousness of the crime alleged, and the reputation and skill of the attorney. I have found that the fees I charge in criminal cases are very similar to other Hartford-area lawyers who have my years of experience and success at trial.

I have appointments six days a week at almost any time that is convenient for the potential client. I never charge for initial consultations, and many times I can advise an individual as to whether they need an attorney or not. My office accepts all major credit cards, in addition to other forms of payment.