Troopers Ran `100 Club' For DWI Arrests

By TRACY GORDON FOX, Hartford Courant Staff Writer It was an "open competition" for some troopers on the midnight shift at the Bethany barracks three years ago.

The game was to make enough drunken driving arrests to qualify for the "100 Club" - 100 arrests for the year. But following the rules often didn't matter. Nor did whether the driver was really drunk.

Troopers were supposed to videotape arrests. Often they didn't. They mishandled evidence. They even counseled motorists against taking the breathalyzer, warning them they would spend more time in the police lockup if they chose to exercise their rights.

Of the 19 examples of botched investigations by the state police internal affairs division, its handling of a probe into Troop I's so-called 100 Club "had the most direct result on members of the general public," according to a damning 168-page report made public Monday.


At Least 77,800 Avoid Jury Duty

HARTFORD, Conn. -- Tens of thousands of people have been no-shows for jury duty in the past three years and nothing is being done to hold them accountable, according to state court officials.

Court administrators say it is not known whether jury duty absences are deliberate, the result of somebody simply forgetting or cases where jury duty notices never make it to the person because they are not forwarded to a new address.


METRO BRIEFING | CONNECTICUT; Hartford: More Charges Over Girl

A West Hartford man was charged yesterday with 11 counts of sexual assault in connection with a Bloomfield girl who was missing for a year before she was found last month in a storage room in his home, the police said. The man, Adam Gault, 41, pleaded not guilty yesterday in State Superior Court to other charges related to the case, including unlawful restraint and reckless endangerment. He was scheduled to return to court next Tuesday to enter a plea on the remaining charges. His lawyer, Gerald Klein, said Mr. Gault ''absolutely denies'' that there was a sexual relationship with the girl, now 15. She was found on June 6 when police officers searched Mr. Gault's home. An officer pushed aside a dresser and found the girl in a small room.



Man gets 2½ years for stabbing UConn player

VERNON, Conn. — A man who stabbed a University of Connecticut football player during a fight in which another player was killed was sentenced Friday to 2 years in prison after apologizing for what he called "senseless violence."

Hakim Muhammad, 22, of Bloomfield was sentenced in Rockville Superior Court after pleading guilty to second-degree assault and hindering prosecution. He will serve 2 years of special parole after the prison time.

Muhammad apologized for stabbing UConn player Brian Parker during an October 2009 fight on the Storrs campus. Parker suffered a minor stab wound in the back. Parker's teammate, Jasper Howard, was fatally stabbed in the abdomen by Muhammad's friend, John Lomax III, who was sentenced last month to 18 years in prison for manslaughter.

Police say the fight was sparked by disparaging comments Parker made about a woman at a school-sponsored dance.

"I understand that there was a life lost due to this senseless violence," Muhammad said while apologizing before Judge Terence A. Sullivan, who called the plea deal fair.

Prosecutor Matthew Gedansky said he agreed to the 2-year sentence because Muhammad, unlike Lomax, took responsibility for what he did, and Parker's wound was minor. Gedansky also cited Muhammad's cooperation with prosecutors.


50 Cent Employee Arrested For Pistol Whipping Promoter Over Afterparty

A man who is an employee for rap superstar 50 Cent is facing assault and gun charges, after he allegedly pistol-whipped a Hartford, Connecticut nightclub promoter last week.

Dwaye "Hove" McKenzie lives at 50 Cent's sprawling Farmington mansion, which was once the residence of boxing champion Mike Tyson.

According to police, McKenzie and promoter Howard Allison were involved in an argument last Wednesday (October 10) outside of Hartford nightclub Club Life.

The pair were allegedly arguing over Allison's refusal to announce an after-party that was taking place at 50 Cent's mansion.

According to police, McKenzie pulled up to Allison and asked him about promoting the after party.

Allison told police he replied "You don't call someone up threatening to smack them because they don't big you up in the club."


Possible deal for man in CT accident

Hartford, Conn. (AP) - An attorney for a man accused in a notorious hit and run accident in Hartford says his client may plead guilty.

Luis Negron is accused of first degree manslaughter in an accident that paralyzed and later killed Angel Arce Torres.

The May 2008 accident caused outrage after video of the scene showed apparently indifferent bystanders milling about as the then-78-year-old Torres lay on the road.

Negron's trial is set to start Monday, but his attorney, Gerald M. Klein, said he "may have a resolution" with prosecutors.

He wouldn't discuss the potential deal, except to say the charges wouldn't be reduced.

The 33-year-old Negron initially denied involvement in the accident. But police said Negron admitted it after police told him his girlfriend had implicated him.


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